Studio Offerings
  1. Private Lessons
    One on One Lessons with Instructor
  2. Student Planning
    Student lesson plan preparation.
  3. Consultations
    Gauging capability and suggested class time
  4. Performance Prep.
    Coaching students to perfect and polish their pieces for auditions, etc. recitals and competitions. recitals and competitions.
  5. Recitals: Studio & Public
    Opportunities for performing in the studio setting and in public venues.
  6. Prep. for D.S.P.F.
    Helping students to learn and memorize 2 pieces and a theory test.
  7. Competitions
    Coaching students to play their very best, learning all details in the music.
  8. Compositions
    Helping students create their very own music.
  9. Our Services
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Playing the piano is a skill, which requires discipline and dedication.  Progress in developing this skill is a direct result of the amount of time spent in study at the keyboard.  This study (if pursued wholeheartedly) helps the student gain an appreciation of music and is a rewarding experience that can enrich a person's entire life. Each child learns differently and progresses at a different rate.  To insure maximum results I require that beginning students practice at least 20 to 30 minutes a day (this can be broken into two 10 or 15 minute sessions). The intermediate students at least 30 to 45 minutes a day and the advanced students at least 60 minutes a day.
Without this kind of commitment, little progress is  made. Any student making slow progress due to lack of practice will be placed on a trial basis for one month. I will notify the parent to discuss practice habits and routines that will hopefully correct the situation.  If there seems to be no determined and consistent effort to improve, I will have to notify the parent of dismissal. 

Set up a schedule now.  Make it about the same time each day.  This "set time" will help the child remember to practice without having to be constantly reminded.  Thus a good habit is established. One of the best times for practice is right after the lesson, because the instruction is fresh in the student's mind.  

Set goals.  For each daily practice session, the student should set reachable goals.  We discuss goal setting at the lesson.  Once or twice a week, the parent can help at home by asking the student to share a scale, arpeggio, and part or all of a piece they are studying. I feel strongly about working closely with the parents to make this an exciting and rewarding experience for all who enroll.

Tuition is payable monthly. All lessons(the full month) must be paid on the first lesson of each month. There will be a $3.00 per lesson late charge added to the regular tuition if paid after the first lesson of the month. No credits or refunds will be given, No tuition bills will be sent.
A make-up lesson will only be given if I am unable to teach a lesson.       
Private Instruction

30 Minute Lesson
45 Minute Lesson
60 Minute Lesson


Tuition pays for teacher time spent with the student in a lesson. It also pays for curriculum development, preparation of private lessons, recital production, involvement in festivals, competitions, evaluations, professional development, new music research, etc.
Summer Lessons
I highly recommend that all students continue lessons through the summer.  A 10 lesson schedule is sufficient to maintain all the technical and reading skills acquired during the school year. Missing a large group of lessons jeopardizes all of the important developmental skills which were previously mastered. All summer students will be given first priority in the Lesson Time registration for the Fall Schedule.