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For each NEW STUDENT I receive as a referral from you, I will offer you 1 FREE LESSON as my THANK YOU for your support and word-of-mouth advertising for my studio. I really appreciate knowing that you are satisfied and confident in me as your piano instructor. Please mention my website to your friends and have them click on my Facebook tab to see photos, videos, reviews and upcoming events for the studio. 
“I have taken several piano lessons from John Kulik over the past few years. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. He has recommended repertoire for me to work on, as well as helping me with technique. The thing I appreciate most is that he has helped me become a better piano teacher to my students.”   Karen Richter, piano teacher

“Mr. Kulik is a wonderful piano teacher! My three boys have taken lessons from Mr. Kulik for the last eight years. He individualizes their lessons according to each child. He offers them a variety of opportunities; to compete, compose and to perform.”   Linda Bazzone, parent

“As the parents of two children, who started very young to take lessons from Mr. Kulik, we find him to be very patient and encouraging. We have watched our children’s piano skills grow tremendously under the expert tutilege of Mr. Kulik over the past eight years. He is an excellent teacher and coach, and we highly recommend him to other parents.”  John and Barbara Callaghan, parents

“My sister and I have been taking lessons from Mr. Kulik for several years now, and we have been nothing but satisfied. Mr. Kulik is a brilliant pianist and instructor, his love for music really shows, and inspires each and everyone of his students to work hard and do their best. He encourages all of his students to compete in piano competitions all year round, that both my sister and I really enjoy. Mr. Kulik works great with children, is funny, and makes each lesson something that anyone can enjoy. My family has been very happy with the results we’ve seen from Mr. Kulik’s teachings.”   Sean Callaghan, student

“To anyone who is looking for a piano instructor I urge you to consider John Kulik! Our son Remington began his piano lessons when he was in first grade. We encountered and utilized the services of four instructors before we found Mr. Kulik. He has worked with Remington since he was in fourth grade and the progress has been outstanding. John utilizes a good balance between music theory, classical and modern music.  Remington is now almost fifteen and remains interested and engaged in playing the piano.  John is the president of the Westmoreland chapter of the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association and keeps his students involved in local and state competitions. Remington has taken two first place awards at the annual Sonatina Competition held At Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA and has also won a first place award in the Trombino Composition Contest. His students continually are provided opportunities to perform, advance their skill set, and have fun in his local studio in Murrysville, PA. John is without a doubt the best instructor in this area and takes his profession and his students seriously. One final note is that John is extremely flexible with his schedule. From time to time we have not been able to make a set lesson time and John is always willing to accommodate!   He gets my highest recommendation!!!!!! “   Respectfully, Jason Moninger, parent

“John is a very kind person who has a special gift of patience with children. I especially enjoy the opportunities he provides the students to perform in recitals, Holiday shows and competitions. The instruction that my son receives from John is Outstanding! I would definitely recommend him to anyone of any age who may be considering taking piano lessons.”  Marcia Chill, parent

“My daughter Demi has had John as her piano instructor for two and a half years. John works so well with Demi, he takes his time and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He will push her at times because he knows that she has it in her to produce the desired results and he expects the very best out of you. There are so many activities and events that John has his students involved in, for example, competitions, holiday and seasonal recitals and one of Demi’s favorite—writing compositions. Demi had the opportunity to perform a solo recital this past spring which she and John worked very hard to put together and was a HUGE success! Also, Demi has recently won a first place in the Sonatina Competition sponsored by the Westmoreland Chapter of the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association as well as several honorable mentions in various competitions. We are very lucky to have found John and Demi truly enjoys each and every lesson along with practicing at home. Thanks, John!”   Michele Schwartz, parent

“John has great patience with beginning students enabling them to enjoy the initial lessons while not becoming discouraged. As they progress, he keeps them engaged with entertaining and challenging material. The music theory learned was readily applied to saxophone, providing a great head start for school band.”  The Schwab Family

“We are impressed with Mr. Kulik’s knowledge of music and the quality of the lessons! Mr. Kulik’s methods teach not only technique but also how to enjoy the music. We are very pleased with the progress our daughter has made in her short time with Mr. Kulik—she looks forward to her lessons and learns well in Mr. Kulik’s relaxed, intellectual environment.” Emi McKelvey, parent

“The past five years of being your student have been really special and a great learning/growing experience for me. Without your help and encouragement, I would never have became as involved in the musical community as I did, and therefore would never have pushed myself to be the “diligent” student and pianist that you have turned me into. More than that however, it was during these years that I became aware of how much I love the instrument and music myself, and made the conscious decision to keep playing, rather than practicing out of mere habit. Thank You for all this. It has been a  true pleasure!”  Maile Cupo, college freshman and piano student

“John Kulik is my third piano teacher in five years. Having said that, I feel that I have learned more in eight months with John than I did in five years with the two previous teachers. I believe this has occurred because of his attention to detail and his high level of organization which moves me through my lesson time. Additionally, he provides an atmosphere for effective learning through a solid practice regimen that I feel has accelerated my learning curve. John’s demeanor reflects his experience and comfort with one-on-one instruction. John is very easy to work with and his sense of humor certainly makes my lesson hour fly. I would recommend John Kulik to children of all ages as well as a senior like myself.”   Richard M. DeRiso, adult student

“I returned to piano lessons with my own goals in mind: learn more theory, master piano chords so I could play better by ear, and be motivated to play my piano, i.e., practice!  John put together a plan of study for me, and so far I am achieving these goals with John’s help and encouragement. Most recently John helped me set to music the lullaby that I had been singing to my grandson’s. I now have my own composed song with music and lyrics. That is a bonus!!”   Angela Warfsman, adult student